ScubaNevets's 2001 Audi A4 QuattroI bought this 2001 Audi A4 quattro in Feb '10 after having my '99 Mazda totaled in a car accidentIts been an awesome ride despite its many mechanical issues due to the many years of neglect done by the previous owners (which is sad anyone can do that to such a beautiful car) after all the mechanical issues have been fixed I would love to mod it but don't really have any idea where I would start so if you have any I'm open to suggestions :D* The Turbo has been replaced with an OEM K3 as the original cracked to the core-currently my dad and I are replacing a blown head gasket-                                                                                  and fixing more issues such as the timing belt that snapped and the water pump breaking along with hoses falling apart while getting to the engine head which turns out to need machine work (resurfacing for .4ths gap and welding for water jet corrosion damage)