This is a recent purchase , a $500 Caravan . This is my work truck / runabout / money makin machine . It's the stock , base model with no options . Nothing special ....The only modification I made was adding an aftermarket stereo , as I can't stand the radio .Also added my good luck charm dreamcatcher .I plan to run this thing into the ground as long as it lasts , it's not worth repairing as it failed emissions test and can only be insured for a few more months .Check engine light is on and the vehicule sometimes stalls while running , wondering what this is , timing belt , fuel filter , O2 sensor , computer , fuel pump ???? Any advice would be appreciated , if it's a quick fix , let me know , please post in my comments .I can get $200-$300 scrap value for it anyways , and it's already paid for itself .These are great reliable vans as long as you get it used and don't pay too much , quality isn't that great , the 1991-1995 caravan is much better quality . Avoid the 3.0 liter engine as it is underpowered for this size vehicule and tends to burn oil . Get the 3.3 or the 3.8 , much better .Thanks for looking !