Guru's 1966 Austin-Healey SpriteIt's British from the Lucas era, what else can I say? they're dreadfully unreliable, and you need to adjust the carbs every 3 days.The electrical system is so bad that some say that to save face, descendants of Joseph Lucas attempted to have parliament repeal ohm's law (they gave up when they met too much resistance).My Spridget has it's own fairies and gremlins though. I bought it from an associate for a small cash outlay, and then began going over it with great enthusiasm. I found that I needed to replace the inner sills rather abruptly to prevent the little bugger from falling in half, and dealt with a some other minor issues. (like making it start).I began with the minor operational issues and moved on from there, surprisingly all of the gauges where easily made to work, and the running issue was resolved with a new electric fuel pump which I replaced with a more modern unit and a Fuel pressure regulator (1 Lucas part down), a battery and a simple tune up.