This is my jeep that I have had since 1988.  I bought it from a neighbor when I was 15.  It was completely original.  Now why would a 15 year old want one of these?  Well, I have an ucle that has a '50 CJ3A and has a 350 chevy with 415 HP!!!  Yup!  that's a lot of beef for something like this.  He used it for sand dune driving in Oregon.  So at age 15, I got to ride in it and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  I had to have one.  So I buy this one from my neighbor for 850 bucks. I wanted to do the same thing as my uncle, but my mom, at the time, said "no way" to that much power!!!  So I settled for a 229 V6 chevy and Turbo 350.  My dad and I put in power and tilt steering.  Bucket seats, full cage roll bar, 33" tires, etc.  It's a pretty cool jeep.  However, since 1988, I have only put on like 300 miles!!! No kidding.  I am now 6'1 and don't fit very well in this thing. Here's a few more pictures: