Basically stock for now.I do have CDT CL-E61CV 6.5" component speakers in the doors, CDT CL6 midwoofers in the sail panels, andCDT CL-4EX 4" coaxials in the hatch. They are great replacements for the blown stock paper speakers.My brakes are ATE premium rotors, Hawk HPS pads, stainless lines, stock calipers painted black, and ATE superblue fluid. They look great and stop awesome. I havnt tested them at the track yet though. Ive been to the track on stock brakes 4 times, 4-6 15 minute races each time and they held up ok but definatly got a little hot. The stainless lines give alot better pedal feel. I think I can probably stop a good 15-20ft shorter than before from 60, no data just what I feel, as well as do that much longer without fear of overheating the brakes. Definatly recomend this for a good budget brake setup. $500 from