The picture above is from craigslist.Will have more pictures soon.Just bought it 2/21/10,this is going to be my weekend car.Has just about every available option except for a sunroof.I love luxury cars and muscle cars.Finally have a luxury car now,i used to drive my moms car alot,which is a 2001 Buick Lasabre Limited.My first car and still have is a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee,second was my muscle car which was a 1972 Monte Carlo(sold),third was my truck a 2000 Ford Ranger(sold),now also this Buick.Im only 18,still in High School,and pay cash for my cars,I buy these cars by myself! Mods:-Tinted Taillights-8,000k H.I.DsComing Soon Mods:-22" Rims (Asanti or something similar)-Stereo system (2 10"MTX 670 watt Amp)Recent Maintence:-Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil-KN Oil Filter-Fram Tough Guard Air Filter-Restored Headlights