rockstar08's 1990 IROC-ZThis is my 1990 Camaro IROC-ZG92 Option package with 5.7L SBC 350 TPI & 700R4 Auto Transmission Saved from the cash for clunkers program repainted in the original 8774 Chevy red with 16" alloy wheels and added SS stripes.I've rebuilt the brakes, front and rear suspension, steering and chassis arms and repaired and painted all in my own garage. Recently fitted new lifters, head liner, sailboards and visors. Soft furnishings were purchased from they are a great finish.I love the 3rd gen Camaro. Its the front valance that does it for me.When i purchased her the front valance had spider cracks all over. These were sanded, primed and sanded again, using 180-220-600 grit paper. The paint is Finish 1's urethane primer, with Fourth dimension Chevy Red 8774 base coat and Finish 1 high solids clear coat. The paint was then color sanded with 1500 grit, and polished with 3m then Meguiar's glaze. Meguiar's speed glaze is HIGHLY recommended for a show stopping finish. The primer and base coat was delight to lay down, the clear coat took a few goes to get used to.The car is a weekend cruiser, with a couple of engine mod's to give it an edge. I like my cars clean and mostly original with mod's that look oem and enhance the car. Still a lot to do, the hood was rescued as best I could, but she still looks a little wavy in the bottom right corner and the right door skin has a little car park rash. The black headlamp inserts could be a little better too.I'd like to do something about the seats next, i go back and forth between replacing with after markets, as the metalwork and buns need work. Or refinishing with an upholstery weekend.Shes just had an engine rebuild, using sealed power pistions/felpro/melling/arp/aulm 1.6RR's. Just in the process of breaking it in, nice and tight feels like the day it came out of the showroom :-) Replaced the flowmaster 80 with a dynomax turbo catback exhaust, this hides the tips behind the bumper, i prefer a cleaner look, dont like wheelbarrow handles! Also gives it a milder throaty sound and lighter idle grunte, and the wife can sleep in on a sunday morning without the ground shaking.Had the transmission rebuilt at a local shop, installed a transgo stage 2 shift kit. Man it shifts hard, have to be creative with the throttle to drive smoothly, but at WOT it is sweet!I have built a custom carpc for her with a 7" touchscreen head running CF3 on a dualcore 1.6Ghz pc. Connected this to a dual 600W amp and some sony coaxial 4way speakers. Sounds pretty good and the interface is sweet, (pic coming soon)Next time she'll get bogged professionally and pained a deep perl red. Probably a few years away for that. But then I am going to keep this car for the rest of my life.Feel free to rate her honestly, I think she's a 3-4 right now, with more time polish and effort she could be a 5*Restoration photos