So in late 2009 I traded in my beloved Sentra in December for a more practical travel and tow vehichle. We need it since the Xterra far evovled out of this role. It took some searching but I found the truck I would've ordered so I had to take it. Its an 4WD LT with no "Onstalker"or Bose crap, a front bench (like a real truck), and the G80 locker.  I didn't have it long before I:-Tinted the front windows-AVS bugflector-MSD 8.5mm plug wires w/ had E3 spark plugs, THEYRE JUNK AND NEARLY SCREWED MY TRUCK UP, so now its NGK Platinums -Nifty CatchAll floor mats-Optima red top-Banks RamAir intake-Interco Trxus STS 33/12.50/17 on OEM 17x7.5, 2010 Chevy steel wheels-Curt class 5 hitch-B&M Supercooler -shift servo from a Corvette transmission-Diablosport Predator programmer*The torsion bars are adjusted about an inch and some plastic in the rear wheel wells is removed. The rear axle went out after a couple years. So I rebuilt it with G2 brand shafts, bearings, and ring&pinion which I increased from 3.73 to 4.10. At the time I was having problems with the Auto-Track 4 wheel drive transfer case. So I locked it in 2 wheel and unplugged the electronics, since I hadn't upgraded the front (still 3.73) differential. I drove it pretty much like this for another year or two. Then came the deal I couldn't pass up, when i scored a new in the box set of front and rear Eibach swaybars for $214 shipped. I didn't realize it then but, this was the begining of the end for the idea of it lifted with offroad tires. Next came the Bilstein 5100 shocks - it was just time. At this piont it started feeling so much better to drive. It handled pretty amazing for a 6000lb 4x4 on tired 33's and cranked torsion bars. Next was the QA-1 panhard bar to stiffen the rear just a little more. And thats how I took it to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Black Friday fundraising event with a couple of friends in November 2013. Probably sealed that "end" I spoke of. I saw 110mph in the back stretch and wanted to go faster. I also took a chance that an aftermarket rear diff cover would fit with the new panhard bar. Barely, but a G2 cast aluminum cover with load bolts and more capacity does fit. Towards te end the winter in early 2014, "Snow-magedon" happened in central NC. I thought I still wanted a 4x4. I was researching and collecting parts to swap a NP241 manual case in. Yes I was going to punch a hole in the floor and all. But I had that little "I wanna go fast" bug nagging me. It was also decided that with nearly 80,000 miles on the Intercos, I could buy new wheels and tires soon. Well "go fast" got me. I got some deals from a parted out Silverado SS. The front Diff was a direct swap and already had 4.10's.Then the full time All Wheel Drive NP149 case was pretty much a slam dunk. I took no programming of any kind. I actually operates much simpler than the Auto-Track so there was almost nothing to hook up. And no more snow fell so I never got to play. The wheels and tire would wait till summer. It wasn't long before the dream exhaust deal came around. A Corsa Touring in all the original packaging for $535 shipped (look one up). I loved it but it did seem a little quiet. Headers should fix that right? Summer time was wheel and tire time. I went to a 20x9.5" wheel and a 285-55-20 tire. Yep I gave into the bug. And to seal the deal I ordered some Eibach 2' lowering springs for the rear and TJM shock extenders to keep the Bilstiens there. I adjusted the front to maybe an inch bellow original stock hieght and drove like that for the rest of summer and into fall. Right before November (remember Black Friday is comming) I found them; Kooks long tubes and Y pipe with cats. They were used but $800 is better than like $1400 for new ones. Now it sounds AMAZING! And yet, has zero drone. Also swapped to an electric fan and had Mayhem Motorsports in Raleigh tune it with HP tuners. Charlotte was fun but I only hit 107mph because the front end was getting loose. The old torsion bars, now with a lot less preload, couldn't hang with the rear. But oh she sounds SOOOOO SWEEEEET on the track. So I went home researching... And ordered Coilover Brackets from Atomic on And some QA-1 Coilover shocks and 1300lb Eibach Springs for them. This also lead swapping the -2" rears for a -3" set. So I sit about 2' lower in the front and 3" in the back now and love it. Oh, and for a litte more stiffness, scored some New Old Stock Edlebrock Boxed rear trailing arms. These are the best arms ever built for the GM SUV's. Uploads/image_zps8c5223ed.jpg