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dale_gribble’s 1996 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab

96 Lifted Crew Cab Long Bed..

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Comments (13)
    sixaxis pair tool
  • dale_gribble
    Thanks. Sounds like a good price! Actually, I added 2" of lift and 37s a while back. I updated pics so you could see.
  • bada-SS
    I LOVE that truck. I found one, same basic truck, 1 ton 1997 but 6.5 turbo diesel for $3500. what size lift and tires do you have? 5*!
  • jiggs509
    simple and clean man jus the way trucks should be. not ridiculous amounts of chrome no flames. I like it. 5 stars al the way. check out my ford and my toyota sometime. welcome 2 cardomain
  • projectneverdone
    freaking bad ass ride 5*****z. keep up the great work. come check out my s10 sometime and let me know what you think... later
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