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Bad_Apple’s 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Brubaker Box

Bad_Apple’s 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

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Comments (3)
  • J-Steven-York
    This looks like a great project, and I'm very jealous. I've loved these things since I first saw them in the popular science type magazines back in the day. I'm a writer, and my first professional publication was an article on movie-cars for the long-defunct "Science and Mechanics" magazine, and as part of it, I got the chance to visit Brubaker Design's offices and meet the guys who designed and built this thing. Stock Brubaker boxes were used in a couple of 70s sci-fi movies, but Brubaker Design customized one extensively for the live-action Saturday morning show "Ark II." They shortened it, cut in a T-top, and put it on a chassis with an automatic transmission (so that it could be driven more easily by an underage actor, and sometimes a stunt-driver hidden under the dash). The Box played the "Ark Roamer," a scout-car garaged inside the back of the larger Ark II (a larger Brubaker fiberglass creation, built on a dump-truck chassis). With a custom paint job and some high-tech accessories, it made a really nice sci-fi vehicle. Back in the 80s, I stumbled on a mechanically trashed, but kit-intact Brubaker Box I could have had for $300. I was a starving writer, had some idea of the cost of getting it running, and passed it by. But I have kicked myself ever since. They're hard to come by. You're lucky to have yours!
  • V8carreragts
    Cool project. I remember when these came out. I wanted to build one but I just got my license and my dad wouldn't let me. It's too bad so few were made.
  • Kambeck
    Wow! Looks exactly like the Project that I just started!Great work! Will look foreward to see more pictures of you here in the future!If you have time, what are the measurements of the gas tank? Or from what vehicle is it? Because my tank is too rusty to use it after restauration.C U!