This is Elenore, I bought her recently with several mods thanks to the previous owner (this is why you may see this car on cardoman already) but she is mine now and needed some work.  I was lucky enough to find her with only 62k on the ticker. She had the body kit, 19x10 inch I-Forged Wheels with 275/30 tires.  Remus Exhaust, StaSis Coilovers with Koni shocks and Eibach springs and cold air intake.Since I bought her a month ago I have rebuilt the engine, updated all seals and gaskets and did a full engine bath.  Also the control arms were changed because one was bent and the StaSis coilovers were adjusted to give it a more drivable ride hight.  We were bottoming out on everythig, even my garage enterance!Other updates included engine mounts to remove engine play, Autometer boost guage going in next week to be mounted on the A-Pillar allong with new blacked out euro projector headlights with 6k HID's for the matching white of the body.Just changed the stock brakes to cross drilled rotors all arround with new ceramic racing pads.An alignment with wheel balancing was done at an exotic car shop here in NYC to reinstate that rock solid feel of an autobahn beast.I have caliper lacker in the garage to paint all four calipers in glossy racing red and the intake bipipe on top of the engine is getting a red coat as well.  The I-Forged wheels will be touched up with black lacker to clean them up also as there is some chipping off.Next month Elenore is going in to get two brand new turbos (just K03's, sorry guys, i wanted to keep it simple to reduce future problems and unreliability), i can get enough power out of them with 20psi. :)Just bought a backup ECU with a GIAC chip.  This will add 60-80HP and 60-90 torque over stock!Also all hoses and tubing in the engine are going to be replaced with a red silicone tube kit which will cover everythign from the intake, to intercoolers, F Hose and the throttle body boot.I also have the 710n diverter valves sitting at home ready to be dropped in to keep the PSI's flowing smoothly!I am also doing some light body work to fix up some paint chiping on the door sills where the molding is chipped off.  Plan to fill it in with putty and then airbrush and clearcoat.  Any other chips or cracks will be sealed as well.  There are not many at all but she will be perfect shoroom condition by the time I am finished with her.Future plans - Ceramic clutch as I think it may be a weak point, Downpipes and Intercooler upgrades.Thanks for checking out my Elenore all, stay tuned and keep checking back for more pictures and modifications.Thanks!Come back to check on further cosmetic work and more pictures to come.  Will be doing a photo shoot next week!