I bought my Camaro for only $5,000 back in 2009. It used to have a good owner who took great care of it and had it in a few very nice car shows back when it was still somewhat of a new car. But after he sold it it was used and abused by someone who didn't know what they were doing. When I bought the car it had some major problems with it that needed fixing. The stock 4L60E transmission was not in very good shape and I actually found out later that it was tuned completely wrong as if the person tuning it thought it was a 6 speed manual. The stock 10 bolt rear end was having problems that included worn down gears, and a bad differential. The factory rubber transmission mount was completely destroyed and the front brakes were not in good condition either. I found a small vacuum leak in the engine bay and also discovered the O2 sensors were all burnt out. With all those problems, there were a few positive things about the camaro when I first bought it. The current mileage when I bought it was no more than 57,000, the original black paint was still in very good shape with the exception of a few small areas, and it came with some very expensive custom made IForged wheels that I still have on the car today. Picture of the Camaro back in 2009 when I first bought it