So in early September I got hit by a truck, and insurance totaled my 89 Supra with a 1jz-gte swap. I was kind of bummed, but at the same time excited about the possibilities. I could finally do an s13/s14 1jz swap. Well this idea fell through when I decided that an s13 just wasn't worth it, and s14 coupes are still a little more than I want to spend for a clean one, so I decided to stick with Toyota and started looking for a Lexus Sc300. This search continued for over a month. I found a few nice ones, test drove a couple, but ultimately everything kept falling through. Finally I decided to get out of the car game and was about to settle for a clean 2001 IS300. I was about to buy it, but realized that no matter what, I'd be unsatisfied with an automatic, even with shifter buttons. Fortunately, my buddy up in MD came through telling me about a Supra up there making 450hp with full interior (this was big to me considering my 89 was stripped to the passenger seats and was uncomfortably boring.So the next weekend, I go up to visit friend to pick up a transmission and decided to check out this Supra. These were the results: