My dad bought this bird new in 56.  He put several motors in it during the 60s, finally settling on a 426 hemi out of a wrecked 67 Charger.  It has 12.5 to 1 pistons and an Art Carr reverse manual valve body 727 trans.  He raced alot at Lions Dragstrip until it closed in 73.  Its best time in the quarter was 11.24 et. Once Lions closed the bird sat in the garage until about 1985 at which time he put in a milder cam and attempted to make it more streetable.  Then it sat until 2002 when he gave it to me.  I put disc brakes on the front, had all the chrome redone, gave it a new paint job, replaced all the bushings and put new rims and tires on it.  I also had the trans rebuilt and put a 2500 stall converter in it, down from 3000.  You sure can tell its not stock by the way it sounds!  I always get a crowd at car shows, and most t-bird people seem to like it.  I actually won 2nd place at a Mopar show!! (open category). I call it my "MoFo" Thanks for looking!