9/21/06---UPDATE---GAME ON---UPDATE-----9/21/06 I finally got the 'Lac back after a couple years of sitting with a smashed rear end - here are some quick pics - check back I will post better one when I get the back window installed! ------Please Help With Poll---------- PAGE 1: "Low 91" PAGE 2: Other Cars 3/5/04 Check out my new '83 ETC CLICK HERE! 11/4/03 Got rear ended (pic's on pg2) by a Cott Damn Drunk! Found parts needed to fix, now just need $ for labor charge. I ain't ready to give up on my '91 yet! Check back in a month or two! Check out my new '83 ETC CLICK HERE! 11/4/03 Here's the rest of my page for memories... :{ 10/14/03 -Here is a few pics with the newer CTS 7 spoke stock rims I found on Ebay -Here's the Cad with 13" reverse 100 spoke bolt on's & one with 13" knockoff's. I've had it with 13's, they were putting too many miles on the 4.9L, and they just stuck out too far. Here's the Cadi with some 14x7" 100 spoke knockoffs(standard offset) I love how they sit flush, but had to shave the calipers to achieve this. I have a GTsFX ground kit (www.sleepyvalley.com) waiting to be put on, just waiting on some 16x7's for clearance 10/14/03 - body kit was a bust. The rear bumper cover didn't fit the contours, so unless I find a fiberglass guy to customize, the kit will collect dust. Kit's rear bumper cover is for a Seville which has no protruding tail lights, will have to have one custom made, $$. Here is a pic off the Net showing the installed kit. What do you think? Should I hurry and get the kit on? Thanks for checkin out my page, come back to see the progress, and help me out with my poll if you can! PAGE 1: "Low 91" PAGE 2: Other Cars