So, since I last updated my profile several years ago, the car has gone through many changes. First, I had another motor built for it, and I didn't pull any punches this time. High compression forged pistons, forged rods, MLS head gaskets, ARP bolts throughout, ported 3500 LX9 heads with Manley stainless valves and titanium retainers, and a healthier cam. Static compression is about 10.85:1; with a dynamic compression ratio of 8.5:1 it runs well on pump gas. Oh, and the 4-speed automatic is gone; replaced with a Quaife-LSD fortified 6-speed manual. Suspension is still KYB AGX dampers with H&R Sport springs, oversized anti-roll bars and poly bushings throughout. Braking is an area I'm particularly smitten with, and as such I probably have the only Alero in the world with a custom AP Racing front brake setup. 4-piston fixed calipers with stainless pistons and 2-piece AP Racing J-hook rotors.  Everything still fits under 17x8" ASA GT5 wheels (just barely) with Michelin Pilot Super Sports.