updatejust brought the ox home last night. drove great, more work to do and pictures to take. dont know what to start on yet. still need to do a 5 lug conversion and fix the front end and have to get a paint job, but im trying to get it running just right. but any suggestions would be cool... page 2 has some of the upgrades that have been done that i can think ofwill try to keep updated as often as i can, will throw up some new pics as well  here is my 83 ford thunderbird turbo coupe, 289 ford v8. its a work in progress and not sure on what to do right now, will have  more info soon... allright, so i am in the middle of looking for a 87 88 turbo hood, and a new header panel as for new things that i have done, i just redone all the gaskets, new water pump and fuel pump.