I am open to any input that you think will make this thing look even nastier. I have had the car at an Old School hot rodders for the past 3 days redoing alot of the previous owners "fixes".  We pulled the ENTIRE engine cooling system and installed the radiator and dual fan set up our of a 02 Camaro.  She went from going to 240 degrees in 20 minutes to not even getting above 165 degrees after driving her for an hour.  Pulled the JB welded up intake with the horrid water neck crack and nasty bolt up job he did.  We rewired a ton of stuff under the hood.  Installed my Parker Funnel Web intake.  We found out the heads have been decked and angle milled, which explains one reason  why the little 302 is such a beast, and redid the timing.  The hood is being cut, and a all metal cowl being built of of the hood and added metal.  Future plans include a fully boxed frame, sub-frame connectors, and a back halving of the little Capri.  She has come along way in 4 days.  I think it is starting to look pretty mean.   When in traffic people see the car and do a double take because it has decent looking stock wheels and appears all stock....until they see the carb and air cleaner out of the hood line and I am sitting there loping like a mofo. when I got it