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scottgvt’s 1978 Ford LTD

1978 Ford LTD II Sports Touring Edition

3 photos
Another scottgvt 1978 Ford LTD post...
  • Feb 01, 2014

This is my 1978 Ford LTD II hardtop coupe with the rare Sports Touring package. It is 2-tone, Grey over Silver Metallic. It has just 72k original miles and I am the thi ... more

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
  • Exterior Color
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Comments (5)
  • scottgvt
    I actually never realized that the car was missing a stripe on the hood too. When I saw your comment I went back and looked at the 1978 brochure that I have and sure enough, it is. I will have to add that to the to-do list. Thanks for pointing it out!
  • John Herink
    My High School car was a 78 LTD II like yours. I had the sport dashboard and the center counsel with the shifter on the floor/hump. You are also missing the stripe on the hood. I had a problem in one spot with paint chipping. I never should have sold that car. I still dream I have it tucked away somewhere every once in a while. Having a two year old car like this in High School was quite an attention getter. 351 Cleveland engine
  • dkanning
    I love your car! And I agree they are very rare, I've been looking for one for years. My first car (in 1984) was a 1977 LTD II Sport Touring, dark blue metallic over sky blue. It had every available option except t-tops (engine was a 351). Three months after I bought it, it caught fire under the hood and was totaled. I have never seen another blue one, and yours is the only silver combo I have seen. Good luck with the restoration, and thanks for posting your pictures. Brings back good memories!
  • LTD II Sport
    Nice ride, I have 2 of my own and I am in the process of making them look as good as yours!
  • TwoSprints
    I love this car. I can remember being 12/13 when these were new and I thought I had to have one for my first car. Of course I never had one. You don't see them at all now, so you really have a great find! Sounds like the plans you have for it are great and in keeping with the original style! Great car!