This is my dad's 92 300E 4Matic..... of course like the rest of my dad's cars it has a Story, My dad's brother picked this car out at the auction a long time ago. He was there and helped too, Since then his brother has passed and he car was left wit an old girlfriend. We found the car alst year sittin in the back of a house in the ghetto and got it from the gurl for 400 dollars... but for 400 dollors for the sittin car you get problems: It was misfiring terriblely, oil black as can be, the spark plugs were jimmy-rigged and were duck taped togetther and shoved back into the block, and a blown head gasket.... but the good thing was it at the time only had 95,000 miles on the dot and now has 99,105, has spotless carpent and leather seats inside and really thats it