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orthopod’s 1981 Mitsubishi Galant

orthopod's 1981 Mitsubishi Galant

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Comments (9)
  • rxcorp
    Nice ride. Check mine out.
  • orthopod
    thanks for the nice comment and info regarding the carb.Will update you once i change my carb.
  • rockerben143
    Wow, very nice restoration... anyway, about your qustion, you can still buy a replacement carb for the 4g52 engine but its quite expensive... I changed my carb to a toyota carb (swallowed my pride 'cause i wanted to keep it all mitsubishi supposedly). Anyway, the trick is looking for an intake manifold that matches both carb and engine. quite hard. thats why i chose a toyota 5K carb and manifold 'cause their easier to find.
  • cubicleight
    Ooooooh sexy car! :P
  • insane73
    nice job on the restore.looks great really old skool 5*
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