Affiliate: Club-S12.orgENTRY DATE: July 28, 2009VIN: JN1VS26S7HW028443On July 27th, 2009 I won this 1987 Nissan 200SX SE V6 Hatchback M/T on eBay for $860. It is currently over 1000 miles from my home. I plan to have it transported home in September.This is what I currently know about the car after speaking with the seller.He bought it from the original owner in November 2008 for $800. He began doing a tune-up and has only changed 3 of the plugs so far. He last drove the car on Thanksgiving when the right rear brake caliper began to stick. He replaced the rear rotors and bought new brake calipers which have not been installed yet. Due to circumstances, the car has been sitting without being started ever since. In fact he hasn't registered the car in his name yet. So for me, this would technically mean that records indicate one owner.After a lengthy phone conversation I have learned the following about the car's condition:Engine General: 190,000 miles, valve cover gasket leak, seller states engine is still strong but has a misfire, cruise control works, oil is dirty because it hasn't been changed.Engine Cooling: No mention of any problems.Engine Electrical: Battery is dead.Fuel & Emissions: No mention of any problems.Transmission: Seller states that clutch is in prime condition, shift knob missing, no word on fluid condition.Propeller Shaft, Differential & Axles: No mention of any problems.Body Electrical: High Beams work but there may be a short at the switch.A/C & Heater: Seller states A/C compressor belt is missing and visual evidence of compressor damage.Chassis & Suspension: Seller is including a pair of Monroe shocks, thus indicating rear shocks are worm out, also states rear bushings are deteriorated or missing, condition of power steering is unknown.Brakes: Seller states read discs are new, right rear caliper is sticking, seller is providing new rear calipers and brake pads.Wheels & Tires: No mention of any problems.Body Exterior: Rear wiper assembly has been altered because of non working components, paint is fading, front chin spoiler is sagging in the middle (common), rear spoiler has a crack, something was mentioned about the rear amber turn signal but I can't recall now.Body Interior: (Blue) Seller states that interior is heavily soiled in 1/4" dust from gravel road, seats are in good shape, drivers floor mat is worn out, stereo worked when he first got it but then stopped working, sunroof visor is sagging.Documentation: Over 10 years of maintenance records, clear title.Here are the photos as seen on eBay: