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blaclabelkid’s 2009 Maserati GranTurismo

haha got another bumble bee

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    -1 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color

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Comments (32)
  • KustomKiely
    the name should be killer bee not bumble bee. Im surprised at the price tag on that thing, It looks like it would cost alot more than that. 5* fo sho
  • wakaflocka
    aw damn dats where its been @ huh thought u locked it up somewhere in orlando the aston martin slick though but why u keepin it on them ugly ass stock
  • wakaflocka
    damn good shit fool but i only thought u had 5 car in da chi da challenger,s550,645,760,and the grand prix coupe u bought another when u was in da chi recently bro
  • Matman829
    Hello from Colorado. Awesome car. I love the Yellow/Black theme, always have. Absolutely incredible wheels! Eye Candy! That's a dream car for sure. Wow!
  • HShoker
    thats a sickkk whipp 5** you have some class rolling high with all those whips checkk outt my hummerr
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