I picked this up in Augest of 2007 from a family friend. Jim Beaman. He sold it to me on the promise that I never get rid of it. He passed away in a tragic car accident late 2007, Follow by his wife, Myrtle, shortly after.     I am doing a complete restoration on this vehicle. Not frame off but what i can on a budget, i am doing a few upgrades to it but for the most part keeping it original. The engine that was in it was going to cost around $3,000 to get running again as it needed a complete rebuild, and I don't have that kind of cash to spend. I have bought a 289 out of a 1968 Mustang that will eventually drop into it. However it to needs about $550 (not alot but bills come before toys lol) in block work done before i can rebuild it.     So onto the current engine that will be dropped in it temporarily. It is a Chevy 350 with a 350 turbomatic transmission (yes i know a Chevy engine in a Ford, but its only for a short time.) My truck, a 1976 Chevy C20 decided to let the rust win so i took the engine and scrapped the truck. Engine and trans have only 59,550 miles on it. and its clean on the inside.Body needs some patch panels and such but its slowly taking shape. not alot has been done to it but im getting more motivated on it. I will be replacing the stock master cylinder with the one from my truck, doing a whole rewire of the car, and new interior.