Everything works except for 4wd low which I never use.  I think Fjord figured it out in later model Exploders... just not needed.  4wd and 1st gear (automatic) works great on steep boat launches and during ski season.Back area is great for sleeping in! Just drop the seats.She's well tuned so I get about 16 mph in the city and 21 on the highway. She also has a Flow Master exhaust which gives her a good note and some extra oomph!  Found out the bands on the tranny were not adjusted. I knew something was funny when I got her out of Dean's Transmission.  They forgot to adjust before I took it out of the shop!She's been great for getting up to trail heads, taking all my fishing, windsurfing, hunting, ski/snowboard gear and bikes! Not bad for a 1st year ford model.  Engine has 265.000 miles, still runs strong, just a bit of valve ping and eats a quart of oil about 1500-1700 miles so she's great for an old gal.  Learned the hard way, after 3 tranny's, never to take it for a backflush to any quick lube place. Well maintained. Like all my girls, I have practically every single receipt down to the nuts and bolts and a well logged maintenance diary.