Welcome to my page. I don't have too many pictures yet but I'll take some once I get a few repairs done and I'll update the page.Background info:I bought the car in January of 2004 from it's second owner, the first being the RCMP. The car was originally a Lethbridge, AB RCMP unmarked unit. There are no light or antenna holes on the car at all and it was originally a beige car (which I intend to keep). I had always been keen to buy one of these cars but they are very hard to find in good condition in Alberta.In 2004 when I was looking to purchase a new car I had initially put in an offer on a 2001 Buick Regal GS but the deal fell through. That very same day this car went up for sale and a week and $5000 later it was in my driveway. At the time it was bone stock and had 203k kms on it.Very shortly after buying it I purchased a K & N intake for it it to replace the homeplate and mess of restrictive intake under the hood. About six months after I bought a Flowmaster American Thunder cat back exhaust kit for it which I installed with a friend of mine and had it tack welded at a local shop. After these two modifications I noticed an immediate increase in power and throttle response as well as better gas milage. The car stopped being confused for grandpa's car and it started to really get noticed. I took the car to the local drag strip and ran a 15.8 second quarter mile at 90mph.It was about 2 years until my next modification which was a set of Motive Performance 3:73 rear gears. The gears made the biggest difference of any of the modifications I had done. The rear tires became almost too easy to spin.Last year I got a set of edelbrock headers installed so it's pretty loud now. I intend to run it at the drag strip this summer to see what kind of time it'll run. The engine is still has lots of power but it could use a rebuild maybe with a stroker kit.Even with all the money this car has cost to run over the years it has never once not started and I wouldn't trade it for any other car. Not a lot of people 'get' driving a car like this but once people get behind the wheel and drive one it soon becomes clear. I'll work on imporving this page over the next few weeks and get some more pictures and info about the car.Thanks for looking.