yo...... uh.... this is my 86 c32 medalist mk1 (little headlights).... still runs the rb20E config... (-_-)' but hopefully will drop a DET in when i sell my c33. it's a JDM version and also a factory manual... rare as rocking horse shite. i have fitted a Z32 fairladyZ drivers seat with electrics, nardi wheel, have put a dvd monitor and modest sound setup in it, and have completed an s13 conversion including brakes, control arms and tein coilovers at all 4 corners. i run -4.5deg camber in rear and -2.5 in front with 8kg front and 6kg rears. currently rolling on 15x8 -0offset with 195/50 rubber stretched over. put some fender mirrors on it and whip up a 2 tone paintjob. it rides about 1 inch off the ground.