This is my work in progress ive recently done a custom break package, added 2 visor monitors and added a clarion touch screen  dvd player. Ive also added a bomber front bumper ,which in the new picture ill post this weekend, got busted up thanx to the RCMP. Ive got the same one on order again as well as another set of blacked out headlights bc those got busted as well. Ill be gettin a new paint job this spring as well, doin a 2 tone dark blue/light blue diagnoal split to match the interior. my trunk is gonna be torn apart and be done over custom in the next few weeks aswell. Let me kno what you think, remember the bumper in the pics is that fucked up one on it now( fuckin asshole cops ) new one is to be in place in 2 weeks. Hope you like it