Installed Uhaul Trailer HitchAdding the trailer hitch should have been easy.  It only requires 4 bolts into already threaded holse in the frame rails.  But after a car has been in use for 6 years the threaded holes being exposed to the spectacular Michigan conditions tend to get rusted up.  Therefore PB Blaster and a wire brush to clean the holes out good and the tedious task of threading and backing out the bolts to get things clean and moving freely tends to make things a time consuming and frustrating endevore. Needless to say it got completed in about an hour.  A job which should have taken 10 - 15 minutes.It turned out pretty good.  I wish it was tucked up a little closer to the body work for a more hidden look but it doesn't stick out too bad.  Maybe when it is dirty it will be more visible.  I had to adjust the clamp for the exhaust tip so it didn't hit the hitch also.  Not a big deal though.  All in all worthwhile for the capability to move around my utility trailer when needed since I don't have a truck/suv anymore.