05/01/09 - UPDATE! alrighty so she's now running like a dream and is surprisingly peppy for an old girl. But on a more sad not i have decided to sell this little beauty. With a baby and two large dogs she's just not cutting it in the size department. so let it be known here and now she is FOR SALE $1800 CDN obo04/07/09 - so we're working or getting her timing just right, its been stalling at an idle. and have replaced her brakes. I have someone who specializes in vintage imports coming to look at her some time this week and hopefully he will have some insight in what we should do next.Don't judge it just yet!I bought this little orange 1980 Tercel only a month ago and it's my work in progress.the interior was all origonal in mint condition (with the exception of the custom steering wheel) until i ripped the AM radio out to put in the deck. origionally it only had one 4" speaker on the front right. it now has two so at least we now have balanced sound! presently i am working on wiring in the rear speakers (which will have to be custome istalled since it never had any) as well as the subs and tinted windows. i plan for now to keep the origional engine and just work on making it healthy as its not is the greatest running condition right now. It will eventually get new paint,wheels and custom bumpers. Check back to see the progress i've made.