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francomstein’s 1989 Ford Econoline E350 Super Duty Cutaway


francomstein’s 1989 Ford Econoline E350 Super Duty Cutaway

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Comments (26)
  • GTwildfire
    This is rare indeed, but as easy to miss as an asteroid strike when it's in sight. I think "Centaur" was what these were called (?). LOL Tell ya what though, it's one looooooong-ass truck. Looks worse than a Limo!
  • francomstein
    Yeah its Fiberglass- just past the third door all the way back- no rust obviously back there but body guy said it was bear getting all the waviness out of the fiberglass panels. Where the fiberglass and steel meets is a seem no body guy will want to mess with- I will but either black or chrome vertical trim there- Next is for me to re-chrome the exterior accents - its a process- but when done its uses and uniqueness are endless.
  • randalldobson
    Hope to start work on mine soon is the back end fiberglass on yours?
  • francomstein
    mines 460 gasoline- previous owner dropped a new one in a few years ago- had some health problems so very few miles on this new motor- just posted some new pic of the restoration check out my new pages
  • Meanblazer
    That awesome i have a centurion too what motor you got
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