This is my old car. It's a 1993 Honda Civic DX. It had a B20z motor swap with a b16 transmission, venom intake manifold, short ram intake, bbs wheels from a miata, Fidanza lightweight flywheel, Exedy OE clutch, ebay header, ebay coilover sleeves, 2.25 exhaust, cat delete, no A/C and no power steering. I estimate that the car weighted about 2300lbs with this set up and had about 150hp to the wheels. However, I never weighed the car nor did I dyno it. The car was fast enough to out run a Porsche Boxster on the highway when he tried to show off as well as a BMW Z4, and 2000 Mustang GT (when I had 3 friends in the car). The car was pretty fast to average 33 mpg. It's too bad this car was cursed! I had 3 acidents within a year and none of them were my fault. The 1st one happened exaclty 1 week after getting the car running (had a JDM b16 sir swap). I was driving home on the interstate when the front driver's side wheel came off and went bouncing over the concrete median, across all lanes of traffic, and landed in the grass. A few months later I was in a 4 car accident which caused about $2500 worth of damage to my car. After I got all this fixed with a new paint job, new motor (the b16 smoked chimney), new wheels, custom lip, everything. It was sexy. Then, 3 or 4 months after this, someone backed into me at school while I was driving down the aisle. It destroyed my door and quarter panel. Her tow hitch rammed into my door. As I drove by, it cut and scrapped all the way down the door and snagged on the quarter panel (door jam) and then ripped a hole in the metal there. This caused another $1800 worth of damage. With the accidents and problems with the motors I decided to sell and salvage what I could. I now have a 92 Honda Prelude Si 4ws. Here is a video of the civic with the B20 in it. It's a 65-100mph pull in 5th gear. Here is a picture of the B20 in the engine bay after the swap. I photoshopped the head so it's gold and the block is black. Can't find the actual picutre.