Yet another Dizum I had to get.I traded my 93 300ZX off because it was a complete POS and I hated driving it,not that there was anything wrong with the car,it just sucked from the beginning of life,and would take a non running DSM over any Z32 300ZX cus I hate them so bad,as do many other DSM people. This car has 30 over Ross 8:5:1 pistons,Eagle rods,block was 30 over,balance shaft elimination kit,Crane 276 cams,Buschur Racing valve springs and retainers,3G lifters,Buschur 20G with 38mm tial external wastegate n not some faggot 16G like every DSM on this earth,2G maf on Dejon intake,Apexi SAFC-2,3in side exit exhaust,poly motor mounts,battery relocation kit,550cc injectors,ported intake n exhaust ports on the head,Fidanza 3.2 4 puck clutch,Shep trans,LSD,225/50/16 Kuhmo socks with 2GB chrome 5 star feet,FMIC with short route piping thats ran the CORRECT way,not making a 180 degree bend and going back across the front bumper like most DSMs are and look dumb as hell,blacked out lights that look baller.On 14psi,it put down 368whp,I am running 28psi as of right now so its well over 400 at the ground.This Dizum is almost worthless just because I can stomp the gas and lit the tires up at 65mph and the car changes lanes,but oh well,its a highway car fasho.Feel like im driving a drag car because of how loud this thing is with the 3in side exit,the cams makin this thing not wanna idle at a light,and the poly motor mounts holdin the non balance shaft motor in place n shakin da thing at a red light.