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Dallas5440’s 1994 Nissan Maxima

1994 Maxima on 20's

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    -1 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color

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Comments (13)
  • 1sick3rdgen
    very nice
  • andersen_knight
    great looking ride. post more pics, cheers
  • 24dubwheels
    Nice ass Max hommi,the rims go hard on it wit calipers matchin paint 5*s 4sho.
  • platinumdon
    my freind them shoes on her feet got you looking real glossy, so i had to hit you with 5 strz !
  • djalexspeed
    Hey, just ALEX, checking out your sweet car. I like how it looks, so I gave you 5***** stars! How long have you had it, and do you plan on keeping it for a while? Let me know, keep me updated! Check out my MAZDA Protege 2004 sometime!
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