Bought this Comaro at a auction for $650. I was looking for another one because I had a 84 Z28 that got hit and totaled out. I was wanted just the body but this one also had ttops and 5speed. The story was that this kid had it and some how or rather got the car towed to Baccus Repair in Ada Kansas. It was found along the road side abandon by highway patrol. The kid told Baccus repair that he had the money to get it out of impound. Months went by and the kid kept tell them he had the money but never came and got it. The total bill for towing and storage total to over $1700. It then was put on the auction block.  I was told by Baccus that the kid spent a lot of money on the motor. As you can see it does need work. I changed out the interior for blue. Its does have power seats, power hatch which needs work, and whatever else that was put on the Z28.  Last year went to the swamp meet at Wichita and picked up set of IROC wheels with the tires for $100. I put them on and took the 14 inch directionals off cause they just don't look right for the size. I'am working on it bit at time because I bought that 05 Mustang in March of 08. If any body has any good ideas for a paint job leave me line.