I deleted all the posts here. I have not been on in a while, came on for my periodic update and discovered this new layout. I REALLY don't like this layout. The blog style posts would be nice as a section, but not as the entire damn page. Back on topic...... I will be flipping through my photo album both here and on another site and will be trying to re-add everything in relevant, coherent posts actually chronicling progress.....again.....like was already existent.....sigh..... Much progress has been made, as well as a color change from the Rally Yellow, so I am excited to get this updated, just not looking forward to all the extra work of redoing things. I have already gone through my Mods list and tweaked that a bit but more to do there, wish I had some Dyno time so I could put some number in the Specs section but oh well. I will end this by attaching a photo teaser.