Long story short is I wrote off my Buick Century, and needed a new car so I bought a 1993 Honda Accord LX 5-speed.  Very good shape overall, no rust, and has the right features for what I need.  Milage is high, at 280,000kms, but I figure that's only 18,500km or so per year so that's not too bad.  I plan on dropping in the H22A motor as quickly as possible, but for the meantime we'll have to make do with the F22. I have a cool deck, speakers, amp, subs, amp kit, Honda sport 5-spoke rims, and some other trinkets.  This summer it's going to look really cool.  At the moment it's in the shop getting saftied, but soon it will be mine.Paid $2800 for it.Little dirty in the picture but it's sitting in the shop's lot.