This car was purchased as a wreck in 1978 by my father. He put a front clip on it from a 66 Malibu, and repainted it. It was a 283/Glide car. I was born in 1980; I came home from the hospital in this car. It was our family car until 1990, when my dad got something else. At that point, an older brother of mine bought it from our dad. He swapped a 327 in and installed power steering; he also put a correct 67 front clip on and again reapainted it. By the time I got my hands on the car in 2000, it was pretty sorry. The floors were only partly there; the interior and trunk would get wet when it was driven in the rain. I pulled the engine, trans, and rear. The 327 was rebuilt and reinstalled, along with a 700R-4 and a 12-bolt with 3.55 gears and a posi. I lowered the car 2" and put all new bushings in the suspension, along with an 1 1/4" sway bar from a mid-70's Trans Am and disc brakes from a 71 Olds. A friend of mine then took the car for a couple of years and replaced the floors, a quarter panel, door skins, front fenders, hood, and various other bits of metal. The car was drivable again in the spring of 2005, and with just a few miles on the rebuild, we left for Power Tour. Since then, I have put about 12,000 miles on it, and in the process got engaged, married, and properly honeymooned in the car. My wife and I took the car on our honeymoon in 2006. I have been doing little odds and ends to it every now and then. It still has some rough edges, and is certainly lacking in the horsepower department. Best 1/4 time to date is 13.90 @ 98 mph.