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ponchoV8’s 1974 Pontiac Grand Am

1974 Pontiac Grand Am...Dad's first new car, be...

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Comments (7)
  • rickwtx
    Throw us an update when you have time. I'm nearing the end of a 75 Grand Am resto, just paint to go. Mine is a 455/auto, built to run the Texas Mile (410HP, 2.73 gearing, lowered 1')
  • johnv92
    wow never thought i would ever see another one of these. all i have to say is keep it all original. my friends dad has one he ordered in 74 when he was 18 with a 400 4 speed he let the car rot for about 15 years but he recently did a frame off restoration. i can post a pic of what his looks like on my page if you want to see it. deff 5 *'s
  • ponchoV8
    Yeah bt, it's a N.Y. car, but it was undercoated and spent most of it's life in FL, so it has no rust. Whatever scratches or cracks in the paint the car picked up over the years my Dad would spray over with whatever rattle can color he had. Anderson, a restoration is in the works as soon as my old man is ready. He's 70 now so he shouldn't wait too long. Luckily he just retired a few months ago.
  • andersen_knight
    looks cool, r u going to restore her?
  • btwilson226
    Sitting in the garage..not alot of moisture getting to it so hopefully not alot of rust. 400/4 speed could be a beast! 5*s
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