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jeepgirl09’s 2002 Jeep Liberty

02 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 L V6

jeepgirl09’s 2002 Jeep Liberty

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Comments (17)
  • Voodoo17
    nice liberty. 5 stars. check out mine when you have a chance.
  • ifonly2005
    whats so different between my terrain and yours? mines not top heavy. i say do it. it cost me around $170 and a few brusies and bloody fingers. lol
  • ifonly2005
    hey. can I have your rims for my 31s? i finally got my 2.5" lift put on. check out the updates! AND GET THAT THING DIRTY!
  • ifonly2005
    i hear what you are sayen. i gave u 5 as well. thanks. I am getting the 2inch lift on it in a week or 2 but im hesitant because its a huge pain in the rump to do... atleast as a backyard mechanic. lots of cool stuff to do to them if your creative.
  • ifonly2005
    now that there is a sexy liberty. she aint dirty enough though. keep up the work and keep posting.
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