This is my 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup. It has an '84 Rabbit GTI drivetrain which is a 1.8L motor and close-ratio 5 speed transmission. It is CIS injection. The truck has the motor in but nothing is hooked up. It doesn't run yet, this is a restoration modification project. The truck will be painted triple gloss black. It has GTI bucket seats, the red and blue striped ones. I'm going to tint the windows, lower the truck at least 2", performing an axle-over with the rear suspension. The truck was originally a diesel, then was converted and had a carbed 1.8L Audi Fox motor that threw a rod through the block. The truck has been sitting since 1996. It was covered in mold when I got it. I've stripped most of the interior. There is barely any exterior rust, although the floorboard needs some patching. I have a front skirt from a rabbit GTI as well as front fender flares. It has a custom rear bumper with diamondplate.THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!This is how it sits in my back yard.