this is my little sonoma there has been lots done to it since my father bought it new in '92 as a base line sonoma, it has been lowered 3 inches, the rear bumper has been removed and a roll pan has been installed, there has been a 1/4 cap installed on the truck with the rear window removed and it is open to the 1/4 cap, a full sound system has been installed with two MTX 12" suds, two MTX amps, two Pioneer tweeters, Two Pioneer 3" front speakers, two coustic 6x9 speeakers behind the seats, two cross overs, and a JVC head unit. the bench seat has been removed and two bucket seats were installed, windows have been tinted, scoops from a early style Z24 have been cut out and installed on the hood, aftermarket 15" rims have been installed with 15x8's on the rear and 15x7's on the front with BF Goodrich tires all around, i installed power steering from a 4cyl astro van, yeah the truck has a 2.5L 4 cyl 5 spd, i removed the GMC from the grille and installed three bars from a wrecked grille and put silver pin striping to simulate a billet grille, i have many plans for the truck in the future if i deside to keep it.