"My first '73 Olds Delta 88" I brought her home on Valentine's day in 1987, "She was my sweet heart until I betrayed her." This is the ride my wife and I went on dates in, we also went on our honeymoon in her, she was my baby. Like an idiot I sold her to a friend hoping that he would give her a good home. Boy was I wrong, " He trashed her!" My wife said, " Why don't you try to buy her back and restore her." I had lost contact with him when he moved, and I spent a long time tracking him down. Then by chance I ran into him at a Local Wal-Mart I asked him if he would sell the car back to me, he replied "Wish you woud have found me a week earlier we pulled the motor and tranny and sent the rest to the car crusher." 'NOT A HAPPY ENDING IT MAKES ME SICK EVERYTIME I THINK ABOUT IT!"  These old pics and memories are all that are left of my old sweetheart.                                                   "You are gone but not forgotten!"1973-1995