GOT THE IDEA FROM ANOTHER DOMAIN MEMEBER THANKS IT LOOKS GREAT                              Owner of the 2000 CAMRY     THIS IS MY 2000 CAMRY LE V6 I HAVE IT FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS I TRY TO KEEP IT CLEAN I HAVE NOT ALOT 2 IT... I PUT MAGNAFLOW MUFLER CATBACK, GPS, RADAR, TINT, k&N COLD AIR INTAKE, CARBON FIBER DASH, 09 se wheels, blackout all the badges, red toyota emblem, eyelids, red brakes calipers, grills dat was made from my old grill, M3 style spoiler, jvc 800WATTS amp, pionior head unit and 4 6x9 speakers 420 output on each, AND CHANGE THE BADGE COLOR, HID HEADLINGHT,  NUMBER ONE OUT OF ALMOST 4000 CAMRYS