This is my 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base. Why did I say GTO? Well the car is no longer a 3000GT due to its larger 3500cc motor. And since the models list does not include a 3500GT I went with the next best thing. The original names for the 3000GT and Stealths is GTO so hey why not. I bought this car with 74,000 miles but it had a blown head gasket. I changed both the head gaskets just to find out that my piston rings were gone too. I changed those out and my oil pump was on its way out and after 2 weeks, BOOM!!! I got mad and just ordered a Mitsubishi Debonair motor from japan. Now it runs great but I need to tune it change the exhaust and upgrade my tranny to make it perfect.The current ecu is the one for the 3.0 so theres a problem and the exhuast is restrictive for the flow. I will be upgrading soon on are some pics.