this is my baby she is a 1988 ford thunderbird lx with a 302 some mods include custom exhaust 19 lbs per hour injectors a steel mesh intake cone and shelby gt 500 rims and tires and a silver 3 spoke grant gt steering wheel along with a turbo coupe hood and a spoiler off of an 80 something pontiac trans am and the tail lights are custom made euros more pics later. future of this car is im going to do some body work get a bodykit for a mustang and make it work for this car. paint it black put capri style fender flares into it to widen the body in those spots. rebuild the motor 30 over with 10:1 flat top forged pistons and some heads that are better than gt 40s made by comp cams 576 lift cam 75mm throttlebody and egr plate shortie headers an h pipe and dual flowmaster 40s comming out the back changing the rear gear to a 3.89 with a detroit locker and putting a t5 with a stage 3 clutch and short shifter in. this baby will GET. (hopefully) projected horse is 300 but ya never know im not good at that kind of math i just take em to the dyno lol. once i get all the parts ill put pics up of them and the progress.