Love the Infiniti logo on the seats!I love the power of this car.  Sure it's an automatic, but considering it has over 90hp more than the BMW, this thing is a hoot!  Love the rear-wheel drive.  It's more luxurious than the BMW, not as stiff and can't feel the road as well as in the Bimmer, but when you floor it, the power makes up for that!  Plus, my wife and kids like the ride much better as it's much more comfortable than the BMW while maintaining a bit of sportiness for me.I'm planning on adding the factory style rear spoiler and the factory paddle shifters to the car very soon.  I may look at an intake system, mainly to hear the roar of the engine a little more.  Nothing too loud, as it's still a luxury car, so I'll have to research this carefully before I make a decision.  Even given that it's a luxury car, it does pretty good at the autocross!