LIV'S CATThis is a custom 1999 Plymouth Prowler.  Most people know it's a prowler, but don't realize just how much is done to it since there were only 11,xxx made.  The front and rear bumpers have been removed.  Where the front bumpers used to attach to the car fiberglass pods with the parking lights have been added.  The front suspension components have been smoothed and powder coated.  The stock grille has been replaced with a full chrome grille.  The headlights have been replaced with a true HID conversion.  The rear of the car features a color matched roll pan.  A removable wind screen has been added to the top of the rear deck.  It sports a set of headers and a full Borla exhaust system.  And while they look like they could have come on the car, the vertical doors have been added.  This car is an absolute blast to drive!