This is a new ride page for my old 560SEL. The old one wouldn't let me upload new pics... it only let me show the old ones even though I had deleted them. This page is really bland and the 2nd page is missing the photos... sorry, I will fix the whole thing when I get the time and I'm not lazy... ha.Why not check out my other rides while you're at it? I got a '99 4Runner and an '05 C230 Kompressor Sport...Enjoy.On the morning of March 11th, 2008, Allstate towed my car away to Riverside and gave me $4,000. The car has been auctioned off with a salvage title. It has been our car for over 20 years, and I guess it was time to go. I am now looking for another MKIII Supra like my old one, so check back and see what car I get. (Bought a 4Runner, 3-15-08) I am going to leave this car up, just because it meant so much to me.1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL 5.6 liter V8 engine with 138,513 miles It's pretty quick for a 20 year old, 18 foot long, 4600 pound luxury sedan. I've raced everything from a 1978 Camaro to a 2002 Ford Mustang, both of which I blew the away. This is a car heavily underestimated, but it can bite a lot of cars heads off. I love it when people try to overtake me, they see a slow clunker, then I wait for them to pull up alongside me. Within a second, I completely obliterate them as I give it the gas.