Hey guys, this is my 2006 Ford Escape XLT V6. I've got some plans for her, but after I get my Mustang where I want it. Wait a year or so and things will start happening to her. Basically it goes like this:-Paint all body cladding and bumpers Sonic Blue to match body panels-Paint some interior pieces Sonic Blue to match as well-Mount my Mustang 16" chrome rims in my Escape's Conti's for summer-Buy MSDS headers and fabricate an aftermarket-catted dual exhaust side exit system-Get an air intake (though I don't know what fits)-Buy an SCT X-Cal 3 or Livewire and tune awayRight now she's got a Cherrybomb strapped to the standard exhaust, and I custom made it to run out the side of the truck. You can see the tip in the first picture below. It sounds pretty good, but I'll fab up a new system later to go with the headers.